Phrasal Verbs with TAKE

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Below we have a list of Phrasal verbs that begin with TAKE and then an explanation of each one with some examples.

This is not a complete list. We will add more Phrasal Verbs with TAKE when we can.

Take after (somebody)

(to resemble somebody else, usually a family member)

Take apart

(to disassemble something)

Take back

(to admit wrongdoing)

Take down

(to dismantle)

Take (somebody) in

(to allow someone to stay in your house)

(to be deceived or swindled)

Take (something) in

(to observe something)

(to make a piece of clothing narrower or tighter)

Take off

(to leave the ground and fly)

(to become popular or successful)

(to leave a place quickly - colloquial)

Take on

(to hire/employ)

Take out

(to remove)

(to go on a date with someone)

Take over

(to take control of something)

Take up

(to begin a sport, hobby or a challenge)

(to fill space)

This is not the complete list. We will add more Phrasal Verbs with TAKE when we can.

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