Telephone Numbers

English Vocabulary

We normally give telephones by saying each individual number in it:

Our phone number is two six three, three eight four seven. (263-3847)

When there is a zero (0) in our telephone number, we often say O like the name of the letter O.

e.g. 505-1023 = five-O-five, one-O-two-three.

If a phone number contains two of the same numbers together, we usually say double (number).

If a phone number contains three of the same numbers together, we usually say triple (number)

e.g. (212-8555) two one two, eight triple five.

The above rules for telephone numbers also apply to fax numbers.

To ask for someone's telephone number we say:

What's your phone number? It's 555-2565.

What is Woodward's phone number? It's 2789-0135.

We don't normally say: What's your telephone number? (Though it IS grammatically correct)

When you reply, you can give just your telephone number OR say: It's + (your phone number).

How to say phone numbers in English

We have a lot more information about Telephones numbers as a part of our free English course here: Telephone numbers in English (the chart above is from the course)

See our vocabulary notes about numbers in English.

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