Personality Types

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Everyone's different and there are many words to describe people - some nice and some not so nice! Here's some vocabulary you can use:

Intelligent: Brainy, Genius, Clever, Bright, Know-it-all (noun), Gifted

Stupid: Thick, Crazy, Silly, Idiot (noun), Dumb

Funny: Witty, Hilarious, Humorous, Amusing, Comical, Droll

Dull: Dry, Tedious, Boring, Dreary, Unexciting, Uninteresting

Confident: Outgoing, Extroverted, Sure, Certain

Shy: Timid, Reserved, Introverted, Bashful, Inhibited, Withdrawn

Friendly: Welcoming, Affable, Sociable, Pleasant, Extroverted, Gracious

Unfriendly: Mean, Surly, Aloof, Distant, Cold, Frosty

Hardworking: Diligent, Determined, Meticulous, Thorough

Lazy: Idle, Sluggish, Slothful, Indolent

Arrogant: Vain, Big-headed, Conceited, Egotistical, Proud, Overconfident

Humble: Modest, Unassuming, Meek

Cheerful: Optimistic, Happy, Positive, Cheery, Jolly, Fun

Moody: Pessimistic, Unhappy, Grumpy, Glum, Negative, Irritable

Honest: Truthful, Reliable, Sincere, Frank, Candid, Trustworthy

Deceitful: Unreliable, Lying, Dishonest, Devious, Untrustworthy

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