Physical Descriptions

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The language for physical descriptions in English is quite specific depending on the physical characteristic you are describing.

When giving physical descriptions, the two most common verbs to use are BE and HAVE, however, they are quite specific.

We use BE for: height, weight, skin colour.

We use HAVE for: hair (length), hair (style), hair (colour) and facial features.

Short - Medium height - Tall

Skinny - Thin - Slim - Medium weight - chubby - fat - overweight - obese

Skin Colour
Fair-skinned - Tanned - Dark-skinned

Hair (Length)
Short - Medium length - Long

Hair (Style)
Straight - Wavy - Curly

Facial Features
Beard - Black Eye - Moustache - Pimples

Other Features
Mole - Scar - Wart - Wrinkles


If you want to combine hair characteristics together in the same sentence, then the structure is:

Length + Style + Colour + Hair

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