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A vegetable is the edible part of a plant that is used in cooking or can be eaten raw. They are different from fruit in that vegetables don't have seeds. Vegetables are often consumed as salads or cooked as part of a side dish or main meal.

A person who does not eat meat is considered a Vegetarian because they often only eat vegetables (and fruit).

The informal word for vegetables is veggies.

Chart with Vegetables and their names in English

Vegetables in English - A chart with photos of vegetables and their names

List of Vegetables in English

[C] = Countable Noun - [U] = Uncountable Noun

Are they Fruit or Vegetables?

* The following are Fruits in a botanical sense, though are commonly thought of as vegetables due to their culinary uses:

** corn is a cereal grain and is also a type of fruit.

*** mushrooms – biologically a mushroom is not a plant so technically it isn't a vegetable. However most English speakers would consider the mushroom as a vegetable because of its use in cooking.

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