Phrasal Verbs with MAKE

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Below we have a list of Phrasal verbs that begin with MAKE and then an explanation of each one with some examples.

This is not a complete list. We will add more Phrasal Verbs with MAKE when we can.

Make for (Something)

1. = to move towards something or a place

2. = to contribute to, lead to or cause a result or situation.

Make (somebody/something) into (somebody/something)

1. = to convert one thing into another thing

Make (something) out

1. = to just be able to hear, read or see something

2. = to fill out the details of a document (usually a check)

Make (something) out to be

1. = to claim; to assert

Make of

1. = to try to understand and find a reason for something

2. = to think and have an opinion about something

Make off

1. = To hurry away, especially in order to escape

Make off with

1. = To steal something and (quickly) take it away.

Make out

1. = Manage; fare; deal with. Usually used informally in a question after "How...?"

2. = slang for to kiss and grope, though not to have sex.

Make (somebody) out

1. = To understand a person's character

Make (something) over to (somebody)

1. = Transfer ownership

Make up

1. = the composition of something

2. = combination of qualities that form a part of someone's character

3. = to apply make up, rouge, powder, eyeliner, etc. Also to make somebody up

4. = to invent a story, usually to deceive or entertain

5. = To form or constitute something

6. = a required number or an amount to complete something

7. = To prepare a bed (or something) for use

8. = To put something together from many different things

9. = To become friendly with someone again, usually after an argument or fight.

Make up for

1. = the compensate for something; to replace something lost

This is not the complete list. We will add more Phrasal Verbs with MAKE when we can.

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