Weather Idioms

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Below is a list of the most commonly used idioms about the weather in English:

As right as rain: to feel fine and healthy.

Be a breeze: to be very easy to do.

Be snowed under: to have so much to do that you are having trouble doing it all.

Break the ice: to say or do something to make someone feel relaxed or at ease in a social setting.

Calm before the storm: the quiet, peaceful period before a moment of great activity or mayhem.

Chase rainbows: when someone tries to do something that they will not achieve

Come rain or shine: you can depend on someone to be there no matter what or whatever the weather.

Every cloud has a silver lining: There is always something positive to come out of an unpleasant or difficult situation.

Fair-weather friend: a person who is only your friend during good times or when things are going well for you but disappears when things become difficult or you have problems.

Get wind of: to learn or hear of something that should be a secret.

Have your head in the clouds: to be out of touch of reality. Your ideas may not be sensible or practical.

It never rains but it pours: when things don't just go wrong but very wrong and other bad things happen too.

It's raining cats and dogs: it's raining very hard.

On cloud nine: to be extremely happy.

Put on ice: to postpone for another day.

Ray of hope: there is a chance that something positive will happen.

Save for a rainy day: to save for the future when it might suddenly be needed (unexpectedly).

Steal my thunder: when someone takes attention away from someone else.

Storm in a teacup: when someone makes a small problem larger than it really is.

Storm is brewing: indication that something is about to become bad or explode

Take a rain check: decline something now but offer to do it at a later date.

Throw caution to the wind: to go crazy and forget all responsibilities or commitments.

Under the weather: you are not feeling well

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